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FH Bielefeld, Modenschau, 30 seconds of fame

Nw-News, Modenschau, 30 seconds of fame

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  1. Posted on 18. April 2014 by Ritayan Rath

    Hi Julia,
    I hope you are doing good. We met in Luminale this year in your exhibition in the last day. It was a wonderful experience for me, I learned a lot. I have a background in Architecture so I am not pretty much used to the tea and other such materials used for fashion design. But after learning about your work I am getting inclined towards these too. I also wanted to invite you for my exhibition in 6th of May in Yipsilon in Bergerstrasse18, Frankfurt. I also enjoyed the conversation with with you and I hope we will soon have it again.
    Best Regards,

    • Posted on 22. April 2014 by Julia

      Hi Ritayan,
      I enjoyed our conversation at the exhibition, too. It’s great to see how other artists and designers react.
      Thank you for the invitation. I’ll be there!

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